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About Us

Kids4square is the world’s directory of kid’s playground and other services that provides parents all over the world with useful information about how and where to spend quality time with their kids. Our main goal is to provide meaningful consumer experience and very niche business solutions.

Parents are frequently searching for ideas, where to spend their ordinary day with kids in hometown. On the other hand, it is very useful to have this information when we are traveling abroad or just in some other town in your homeland country.

You can browse Kids4square directory through filtering it by cities, categories (like playgrounds, fun, coffee, food, sleep, and shopping), even subcategories (like kid’s age 3-6), places around you, and recent reviews.

You can also become a part of this community so you can register here. You can share your experiences by adding your favorite playground and services and also posting reviews to other listings. As an entity you can promote your service as well. Please check out Legal information before you start using the service.

Kids4square is here to help you finding new interesting places for your family even with the help of community’s recommendations.

This directory has grown as the lack of this niche information kept at one spot. So far only three enthusiasts are building this community and they are based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.