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Kids4Square is one of the biggest children playground directory available today. It provides all the necessary information about children playgrounds, kids friendly diners and bars, interesting museums, and other activities for kids. Kids4Square team will do its best to put in as much of content and interesting data as possible. Enjoy browsing our web site and become part of it.

Kids4square.com was launched in March 2018 and it already contains more than 570 listings from 28 countries all over the world. We are present also on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), where we are targeting very niche audience. This is also great opportunity to promote your business as we are targeting (young) families who are searching different kind of entertainment and accommodation for their children. Families can also filter browsing by main categories (i.e. playground, coffee, food, shopping, sleep, fun, and health) or by sub categories like age of the child, type of playground equipment, and season of the year. And this is where you can meet their needs with your offering.

Expose your business through different approaches


First you need to register as a User and only then you can start submitting your listing. Beside main description of your business, photos and location you can add also:

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Payment can be done over the PayPall, Credit Card or bank transfer.


Rectangle300×250 px6 € 
Rectangle video300×250 px8 €
Skyscraper300×600 px7 €
Bottom leaderboard728×90 px4 €
Mobile Leaderboard320×50 px6 € 
Mobile Fullscreen320×480 px8 €

NOTE: Make sure that your ads are no bigger than 150 KB in file size and they are in formats like JPEG, SWF, PNG, or GIF. If they contain sound (except video format), they should be set as MUTE. Send us also URL link. We can also prepare the ad for you. It this case we will charge you 39€.


PR articles are prepared by the entity. The length of the text, number of pictures, and number of URL links are unlimited. We can embed also your video link. PR article is positioned in the section NEWS (in development progress) and it can target specific geo location. PR articles will stay online to assure you better organic positioning in search engines. We’ll do additional promotion over Kids4square social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Price 39€

General terms and conditions of advertising:

  • Every ad contains URL link.
  • Each ad can promote only one entity and only one URL link.
  • The entity is responsible for the content and contacts which are aligned with Slovenian law, and copyrights. If the content doesn’t fit to the concept of Kids4square policy, we can refuse the post or ad.
  • Tax number not provided, not VAT payer, private person.
  • Terms of payment are agreed between Kids4square and the entity.
  • For long term cooperation or for listing packages we are offering special discounts.
  • This price list is valid from 4th of April 2018.

For more information you can contact us at info@kids4square.com.

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