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Happy Blue Monster Waves: Support The Cause T-shirt Is Here

We are happy to announce a new image of support the cause T-shirt. Buying this T-shirt will support further development of non-profit Kids4square.com web portal. Some technical… Read more »

Make hiking with kids unforgettable, even in the wintertime!

Walking and running are the primary elements of body movement, so it is good to encourage kids to explore their body and capabilities from a young age…. Read more »

Protect your kids online using Windows Family (part 4)

In previous blogs we learned how to create Microsoft Account for parents and Microsoft Accounts for kids. Few simple steps to get them protected. Step we’ll talk… Read more »

Recycle your paper roll: Make your own Christmas wishing tree

Recycle your paper roll: Make your own Christmas wishing tree

Welcome December! Long-awaited time of Christmas celebration is here. It is so nice to relive feelings and expectations through kids perception of this festive time. This festive… Read more »

List your kids friendly web shop

Corona virus still keeps kids friendly services closed all over the world. That’s why we decided to give a chance also to web shops and other web… Read more »

Recycle your shirt: Knitting bracelets with homemade cotton spaghetti

Summer is gone, longer sleeves replaced shirts and T-shirts, pieces of clothes that are infallible all year round. Some are washed away, or with fabric holes, torn,… Read more »

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