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Choose the right toy for your kid and its development progress. Guide your kid through different creative play, recycling and other environmental friendly activities.

Recycle your wood fence: Bird house

Is your wood fence getting old and don’t know what to do with panels? Well, we might have a solution for you. #1 Draw a sketch Draw… Read more »

Recycle your jeans: Denim slippers

Forget about buying new shoes. It’s appropriate time to consider how to get new slippers while we are staying in quarantine. We don’t know about yours, but… Read more »

Recycle your jeans: Denim pocket organizer

Quarantine time is the best time to browse through your clothes. You might be surprised how much recycling material you are hiding in the closet. After 2… Read more »

Recycle your plastic bottles: Chocolate Easter nest

This years’ Easter will be extra special for you and your family. We are staying in quarantine but this doesn’t mean we can’t expect Easter bunny to… Read more »

Recycle your plastic bottles: Gift box

It’s pity you can’t celebrate birthday among your dearest friend and family members during quarantine. It’s pity you can’t even buy presents and gifts so easily and… Read more »

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