ZOO East London

East London Zoo, Beaconsfield Road, Parkside, East London, Južna Afrika

The East London Zoo is located within the Queens Park Zoological Gardens and this explains the indigenous vegetation that can be found everywhere. Part of this natural vegetation is the endangered cycads that are found throughout the park. The Park was first opened as a Botanical Garden in 1890 and later the Zoo was built.

As visitors roam through the Zoo they will encounter free flying birds as well as rabbits and chickens that are not in enclosures. The children, in particular, enjoy interacting with these animals who are only too happy to accept food from any visitor. Raw peanuts are on sale in the Zoo for this very activity.
There are over 300 animals in the Zoo of which there are 43 species of mammals, 14 of reptiles and 26 species of birds. From exotic vegetation and beautiful scenery, smallest bird, the largest snake and the fiercest predator, the East London Zoo is full of fun, excitement and activities.

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