Dinopark ZOO Pilsen

Nad ZOO 1, Plzeň 1-Severní Předměstí, Czechia

Dozens of static and moving sound models of life-size dinosaurs located in a beautiful forest park above ZOO Plzen. A giant model of Apatosaurus where is possible to hide the whole kindergarten, a marvelous view at Plzen City at „the Brachiosaurus view-point“, quantity of seesaws for children, climbing frames, and other attractions as well as the lake with a waterfall inhabited by a Mesozoic giant, and much more. There is also a 3D cinema made specifically for DinoPark. The entrance to the cinema is included in the ticket price to DinoPark.

DinoPark offers refreshments, playgrounds, parking, and a DinoShop with dinosaur souvenirs. Children can play and parents relax.

The smallest, small and large visitors will find something in DinoPark to amuse and interest them. DinoPark is not only a source of entertainment for children, but also knowledge.

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