Techmania – 3D Planetarium Plzen

U Planetária 2969/1, 318 00 Plzeň 3, Češka


With the aim to come up with new ideas for popularization of science and to extend the tools of informal education which Techmania has to offer, the science center decided to create a very special planetarium.

It is called the first 3D Planetarium in the Czech Republic because it enables full dome projections in 3D. It is a great experience just to enter the house: modern technology from the Sky-Skan company set up in a historical building from the year 1917 creates an unique example of genius loci. The first 3D Planetarium in the Czech Republic, which opened on November 4th, 2013, is an institution promoting the potential of astrophysical issues in the society.

There are three main features in the 3D Planetarium. First, the 2D and 3D full dome projections offer great variety of educational movies. The Science On a Sphere technology which is the second feature of the planetarium, enables original ways of presentation of (not only) scientific issues. The Space exhibition, containing 27 interactive exhibits made by the team of Techmania, guides our visitors all around the space and its exploration. In all the features interactivity, fun and great educational value was our aim and target.

There are 2D and 3D movies, part of them we bought whilst the others are done by us. The “Heaven above Pilsen” for example is a show explaining the constellation of stars in the sky in different seasons. Techmania also has the Gyroscope Show which explains the G-force and disorientation at the orbit. The Planetarium is opened seven days in a week, all the show and movies run on a daily basis.

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