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Protect your kids online using Windows Family (part 1)

Protecting kids on internet is one of the most important things each parent must do and know about. Kids without online protection and control can see content they shouldn’t see, cause problems to your devices, create unwanted costs and you need to constantly argue with them to close computer and start doing something else.

In this series we’ll take a look at Microsoft Family, what Microsoft Family is, how to configure it, how to manage and the end how to live with. So, let’s get started.

Windows 10 Family and other users settings

First of all, Microsoft Family is absolutely free. All you need is Microsoft Account for each parent and for each kid, also free of charge. You can use it on Windows 10, Xbox and Android devices. Things you can do using Microsoft Family:

Keep kids safer online
Use the family settings across all their devices to stay aware of their activity.

Set screen time limits
No more arguing. Set it and forget it with a balanced limit on your kids’ devices, apps and games.

Filter content
Make sure your kids view content and play games that are right for their age.

Avoid surprise spending
Get an email when your kids want a game or app in the Microsoft Store—instead of a receipt.

Few simple steps to get them protected:
Create Microsoft Account for parents if you don’t have one yet
Create Microsoft Account for kids
Screen time
– Create rules for protecting kids
– Screen time
– Apps
– Store
– Devices
– Manage kids

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