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Protect your kids online using Windows Family (part 2)

As we said in previous blog post Protect your kids online using Windows Family (part 1) there are few simple steps you need to do to start using Microsoft Family.

Few simple steps to get them protected. Step we’ll talk about in this blog is highlighted.
Create Microsoft Account for parents if you don’t have one yet
– Create Microsoft Account for kids
– Create rules for protecting kids:
– Screen time
– Apps
– Store
– Devices
– Manage kids

In this blog we will focus on creating Microsoft Account for parents (if you don’t have one yet). Having an Microsoft account for parents and kids is the prerequisite that you need to have. So let’s start with creating Microsoft account for parents.

  1. In your favorite browser open https://account.microsoft.com/.
  2. Click on link “Create a Microsoft account”.
  3. Type in your account name (don’t forget it, use RoboForm) and choose domain name (outlook.com or hotmail.com) and click Next.
  1. Type in new password (don’t forget it, use RoboForm) and click Next.
  1. Fill in the Country and date of birth and click Next.
  1. Enter captcha and click Next.
  1. You successfully created Microsoft Account.

As you can see there is a lot of different possibilities within your new Microsoft account but for the purpose of this blog, we’ll focus on setting up your Family.

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