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Protect your kids online using Windows Family (part 4)

In previous blogs we learned how to create Microsoft Account for parents and Microsoft Accounts for kids.

Few simple steps to get them protected. Step we’ll talk about in this blog is highlighted.
– Create Microsoft Account for parents if you don’t have one yet
– Create Microsoft Account for kids
Screen time
– Create rules for protecting kids
– Apps
– Store
– Devices
– Manage kids

In this blog we will focus on creating Screen time rules for our kids. The purpose of Screen time rules is to limit amount of time our kids can spend on their devices per day.

In our example below, we’ll create the following rules:
– During working week we’ll allow our kids to use devices for 60 min, between 10:00 AM and 16:00 PM.

– During weekend we’ll allow our kids to use devices for 30 min, between 10:00 AM and 16:00 PM.

  1. In your favorite browser open https://account.microsoft.com/, and click Sign In.

2. Enter parent username, created in previous post and click Next.

3. Type in your password (to keep your passwords safe, use RoboForm) and click Next.

4. Click on link Family.

5. Click on link Screen time located in Family members section of one of your kids.

6. At Screen time page, you will be able to manage Screen time for all devices together or for each device separately. In our example we’ll use the same Screen time settings across all devices.

7. To use the same Screen time settings across all devices, click on slider at section Device limits, Use one schedule for all devices. Slider must be in position ON.

8. How much time your kids can spent on devices on specific day can be configured in Time limit section. There are few options available: Max scheduled, Blocked, 30 min, 1h, 1h 30 min, ….

9. In our example we’ll select 1h during the weekend and 30 min during the working week.

10. We can also set within which time window children can use the set amount of time. To configure this setting click on Add time to multiple days.

11. Clicking on Add time to multiple days opens a wizard to configure time window when kids can use their devices.

12. In our example we’ll configure next screen time windows:
– Weekend: 10:00 – 20:00
– Working week days: 16:00 – 19:00

13. By following these steps, we successfully configured Screen Time limit and Screen Time usage window for one kid across all devices.

14. Appendix: In case you’re not happy with the way you configured Screen Time usage window you can always remove it. To remove it click on Screen Time usage window.

15. Appendix: Remove Screen Time usage window, bi clicking on Remove.

Next: In this blog we learned how to configure Screen Time limit for your kids. In next blog we’ll learn how to create other rules for protecting your kids.

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