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Recycle your jeans: Denim pocket organizer

Quarantine time is the best time to browse through your clothes. You might be surprised how much recycling material you are hiding in the closet. After 2 months of quarantine we are afraid that some of them won’t fit us anymore.

#1 What you need

For this project you’ll need old denim trousers, picture frame, decorative materials and a glue gun.

#2 Remove the back of the frame

In this case you’ll need only frame and back of the frame. You won’t need glass cover as a part of this organizer but it can be handy to measure fabric.

#3 Outline the edge of the glass

Put the frame’s glass cover over your denim. Pick the pocket you want to use as a denim pocket organizer. It doesn’t matter if you pick front or back pocket. Avoid seams at the edge of the frame as they can be too thick to put them over back part of the frame.

#4 Cut the jeans

When you’ll be cutting the jeans add 3 cm (1.2 in) on each side.

#5 Decorate your denim pocket organizer

You can choose any decoration you like. We have chosen iron-on patches. How to apply them? You put them on fabric and cover them with slightly wet rag. Iron patches for a minute or two.

#6 Cover denim with frame back

Place the frame over the fabric (see the picture inside the circle). Turn it over and place the back of the frame over the fabric. Press the flexible tabs down. You can also remove stand frame if you’ll hang it on the wall.

#7 Cut excess fabric

Cut excess fabric and glue the flaps down with glue gun (see the picture inside red frame).

#8 Organize your stuff

Your denim pocket organizer is ready!


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