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Recycle your jeans: Denim slippers

Forget about buying new shoes. It’s appropriate time to consider how to get new slippers while we are staying in quarantine. We don’t know about yours, but ours are pretty exhausted.

#1 What you need

You’ll need old jeans, pair of snickers or flip flops, universal glue or glue gun, thicker material for outsole (we used mouse pads), embroidery thread and decorative materials (we used iron-on patches), and scissors.

#2 Outline your snickers or flip flops

Flip flops are the best template to get the shape of your outsole. Put flip flops over trousers, outline their shape, and cut them out. You’ll need 4 pieces.

#3 Use thicker material for outsole

Find thicker material that can be used for outsole. Be careful with plastic material to avoid sweating. If you don’t have other option you can solve it with additional layer of silver folio. In our case we used mouse pad.

#4 Glue a “sandwich”

If you’ll be using more layers it is smart to glue them. We used universal glue.

#5 Cut a “moon”

You will need two double layer pieces. There’s no special sewing pattern, but you can put the fabric over your foot and outline the shape. We suggest to use needles to keep two pieces of fabric together.

#6 Sew lower part of the “moon”

It looks really nice if you use white embroidery thread on denim. If you don’t have thicker embroidery thread you can use two or three pieces of general thread. Sew lower part of the “moon” first.

#7 Sew the “moon” to the outsole

Fold the “moon” to the half. Mark the middle on the outsole like the picture shows. Sew the “moon” to the outsole. Then you can sew the rest of outsole.

#8 Decorate your slippers

You can choose any decoration you like. We have chosen iron-on patches. How to apply them? You put them on fabric and cover them with slightly wet rag. Iron patches for a minute or two.

#9 #stayathome

Stay healthy and stay at home in your homemade shoes.


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