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Recycle your plastic bottles: Chocolate Easter nest

This years’ Easter will be extra special for you and your family. We are staying in quarantine but this doesn’t mean we can’t expect Easter bunny to come around. Make it special for your beloved ones and surprise them with chocolate Easter nest.

#1 What you need

You need any shape of plastic bottles. It’s much easier if it’s softer plastic and if it’s in rounded shape. For decoration you’ll need at least gift ribbon, otherwise you can also use colored feathers or colored cotton wool balls. The imagination has no limits. Make your nest colorful.

#2 Cut the upper part of the bottle

First cut the upper part of the bottle with an utility knife. Then cut the edges with scissors to avoid sharp edges.

#3 Draw 5 leaves

Draw 5 leaves if you have rounded plastic bottle. In case of square bottle you can draw only 4 leaves.

#4 Cut out the leaves

Cut out the leaves with a scissors.

#5 Fill the Easter nest

We made a nice, soft nest for these colorful and delicious Rovelli eggs. You can also surprise your dearest ones with a small present inside this gift box.

#6 glue the leaves

Cross the leaves, one over another, and glue each before putting another leaf across.

#7 Wrap your nest with a gift ribbon

The final step includes wrapping the nest. Those with more decorative equipment can put here other decorative items as well.


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