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Submit listing instructions – 9 easy steps

  1. Select one of the four package options, FREE, SINGLE, PRO or UNIQUE LISTING. The difference among listing packages is in additional data (like phone, e-mail, website, social media accounts), embedded video link URL and in number of available listings.

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  1. Select one of the six main categories. Only one category can be selected.

Coffee – Bar has its own playground area or it is positioned close to the playground.
Food – Restaurant has its own playground area or it is positioned close to the playground.
Fun – Usually paid services like adrenaline park, cinema, bowling, paid playgrounds etc.
Playground – playgrounds, publicly accessible and free of charge.
Shopping – playgrounds inside shopping centers, they can be free of charge or payable.
Sleep – family friendly accommodations with kids’ area

3. After selecting main category select also subcategories that are suitable for added listing. More options available.

4. Enter the name of playground or area where this playground is positioned

5. Upload your listing’s images. Pay attention to Photo policy. THIS PART IS REALLY IMPORTANT as it concerns the privacy of parents and their kids.

  1. Describe your listing in English (preferably) and/or in native language.

7. Enter the address of your listing. For precise positioning switch between Road map and Terrain map.

8. Select the listings’ data about Country, State and City. Always start with country selection.

  1. Confirm the listing with the thick that you’re not the robot and by ticking the box. You can now Preview your listing and submit it by clicking Continue button.



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